Start Investing

Companies at growth inflexion point

Portfolio Strategy and Approach

  • Portfolio construction

    10-20 mid-to late-stage companies

  • Characteristics

    Strong unit economics with proven model

  • Investment Structure

    Optimal asset allocation and partnership models

  • Value Creation

    Companies at growth inflexion point

Key Facts

  • Target Fund Size

    ₹1000 cr plus ₹300 cr greenshoe
  • Fund Manager

    Pushkar Jauhari
  • Minimum Investment

    ₹1 crore
  • Fund Tenure

    7 years (+ 1 year + 1 year)

ValueQuest SCALE Framework

Selecting entities that present compelling business opportunities and viable exit avenues

  • S
    Scalable Companies

    1. Win-win & unique customer proposition.
    2. Irreplicable unit economics.
    3. Institutionalised organisation.

  • C
    Competitive Advantage

    1. All round work ethic culture
    2. Network effect
    3. Intellectual property/technology.
    4. Lean cost structure.
    5. Brand & distribution.

  • A

    1. Ability to withstand downturns.
    2. Ability to build adjacencies.
    3. Controlled experiments.
    4. Sustainability practices.

  • L
    Long Runway

    1. Large TAM.
    2. Demographically aligned.
    3. Favourable industry tailwinds.
    4. Multiple growth engines.

  • E
    Superior Execution

    1. 2nd Level management team.
    2. Superior balance sheet management.
    3. Superior capital allocation.

Why ValueQuest SCALE Fund

Efficient and scalable growth enablement requires maturity in six key focus areas that can differ from company to company.

  • ‘Alpha’ with ability to deploy sizeable capital, with high probability outcome

  • Best of both Private and Public Opportunistic bets in Mid –to- Large caps

  • Identifying breakout entrepreneurs Who can create scale with capital efficiency

  • Sensible & scalable Investing opportunities that are sector and size agnostic

Focus of ValueQuest SCALE Fund

Optimal business stage: The Sweet spot for value creation