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22 April 2024
Strategic Time Out

IPL mania is again upon us, like every summer. The last few years, however, have seen a new feature added to these matches: the “Strategic Time Out”. For those who are uninitiated, time outs in sports, often plays a strategic role that can end up altering the course of the game. Drawing up key plays, […]

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29 November 2023
My Uncle Charlie

Every family has that one uncle, who is a lot like Charlie Munger. The uncle who gives dead pan blunt replies, which one knows are right, but at times does not want to hear. The one uncle who everyone turns to for the best advice and finally the one uncle whose witty one liners crack […]

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01 March 2023
Energy Transition – Megatrend and an opportunity

Ravi DharamshiArvind AnanthanarayananAniket Dharamshi Megatrends are powerful, transformative forces that change the global economy, business, and society. Megatrends are structural shifts that are longer term in nature and have irreversible consequences for the world around us. Although they evolve independently of the economic cycle, often along seemingly different paths, and timescales, they possess the capacity […]

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07 February 2023
India Budget FY23-24: Prudent, realistic, growth oriented

The Union Budget for FY23-24 was presented against a backdrop of challenging global macros – slowing growth, high interest rates and inflation. The knock on effect on India is already visible in the form of weakening exports and higher import bill due to commodity inflation. Given this challenging situation, the Honorable Finance Minister did a […]

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31 December 2022
Reminiscences of an Investor

I must confess, 2022 ended up being far tougher than I thought it would be. Coming post a tumultuous couple of years with wild swings amidst once in a lifetime pandemic, a collapse of the world economy, the opening up of the world, we saw it all. From negative crude prices to peak crude.  From […]

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Lord Ganesha image
09 September 2022
Lord Ganesha – The “OG Environmentalist”

Sometime between the 6th and 8th century, all the Gods and Devas came to Lord Shiva with a strange predicament. Having seen into the future, they realised that Planet Earth is going to be quickly depleted of all its resources and man being man, will soon run amok and destroy the planet.  Energy which is […]

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06 July 2022
Anti-fragile India in a Fragile World

Back in 2013, India found itself relegated to the pack of ‘fragile five’ emerging markets. It has been a long and painful journey but India today is well and truly on its way to carving its own niche and becoming Antifragile in this fragile world. Know more in the article below –

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11 September 2021
Lessons from Paryushan Mahaparva – and how they Apply to Investing

Paryushan parva is the king of all festivals for whole Jain community. It is a time for self-analysis and soul searching, it provides a break from routine life and allows us to reflect and contemplate on our past conduct. Paryushan is not just a festival to rejoice and celebrate; instead, it is a ‘parva’ in […]

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09 September 2021
Are we there yet?

This market rally reminds us of the movie Shrek and the question, are we there yet? Talking, annoying donkey from the movie Shrek, who kept asking are we there yet? Someday we sure will be. Are we there yet? Is this the top? Is this the right time to invest? or also in other local street […]

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09 February 2021
Budget 2021-22

Seven-dose potent VACCINE for the Indian Economy Several pathogens had infected the Indian economy – namely consumption dip, fragile jobs ecosystem, pandemic-led social spending, reduced revenues, and fiscal-deficit tight rope walk. A plan to combat these was well laid out in the first paperless Union Budget, through what is akin to a 7-dose “VACCINE” shot. […]

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02 February 2021
Bubble or Bull Market?

US markets are living through unprecedented times. Everyone is feeling giddy. There are so many mini bubbles: Tesla, SPAC, Bitcoin, SaaS. • Exponential price growth• Leading to fund raising• New Investors who do not know what they are doing.• Early Investors and insiders are selling or looking to sell.• Old economy stocks are also soaring […]

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01 January 2021
2020 – The Year of Reflection

Dear VQ Investors, From the staggering drop in equity amounting to 40% in just a months time back in March, to a recovery to all-time high levels, 2020 has been the year of the volatility and unpredictability. In the context of financial markets, historical significance, and lessons it taught us this year, 2020 is right […]

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