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    About VQ INFLEXION Day
    • Unforgettable immersive full-day experience 
    • 4 Mega trends reimagined (Energy Transition, Financialization, Manufacturing Renaissance, Consumer Discretionary Boom) 
    • 13 speakers: Breaking barriers, challenging status-quo
    • One of the largest conventions of Entrepreneurs, CXOs, Family Offices & Investors
    • View Agenda here
    Date & Time

    March 18, 2023, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    For any queries regarding the event, please call: +91-9920283538

    • Ajay Piramal
      Chairman & Executive
      Director, Piramal
      Ajay Piramal
    • Bhaskar Bhatt
      Ex-Managing Director,
      Titan Industries
      Bhaskar Bhatt
    • Sanjay Agarwal
      Founder & Managing
      Director, AU Bank
      Sanjay Agarwal
    • Sanjeev
      Founder & Executive
      Vice Chairman InfoEdge
      Sanjeev Bikhchandani
    • Hitesh Doshi
      Chairman & Managing
      Director, Waaree Energies
      Hitesh Doshi
    • Pramod Chaudhari
      Founder & Chairman,
      Praj Industries
      Pramod Chaudhari
    • Saurabh Tripathi
      MD & Senior Partner
      (Global Lead Fintech &
      Payments), Boston
      Consulting Group
      Morgan Housel
    • Dr S Rangarajan
      Chairman & Managing
      Director, Data Patterns
      Dr S Rangarajan
    • Ramesh
      Founder & Managing
      Director, Kaynes
      Ramesh Kunhikannan
    • Saroja Yeramilli
      Founder & CEO, August
      Jewellery (MELORRA)
      Saroja Yeramilli
    • Sagar Daryani
      Founder & CEO,
      Wow! Momo
      Sagar Daryani
    • Viren Rasquinha
      CEO, Olympics Gold Quest
      Viren Rasquinha
    • Morgan Housel
      Author & Partner,
      The Collaborative Fund
      Morgan Housel
    About ValueQuest
    • Investors First, the founders amongst the largest investors in the fund 
    • Over three decadal legacy of investing and wealth creation in equities
    • A long-only India dedicated fund, with a track record of 12 years
    • VQ funds in top quartile by S&P CRISIL - PMS Bazaar ratings consistently
    • Having both PMS & AIF regulatory structure in place
    • Managing ~$630mn / ~5,000crs of AUM

    • Managing Sovereign Wealth fund mandate in India for one of the largest global SWF

    • Amongst the largest buy-side research teams in Industry

    • A very passionate, energetic, seasoned research team with rigorous work ethic

    Thought leadership in several areas of research:
    • Energy Transition

    • Manufacturing

    • Financials

    • Consumer Discretionary