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Ravi Dharamshi at Indian Investing Conclave – 2020

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22 February 2021

In Dec 2020, Indian Investing Conclave hosted our MD & CIO Mr. Ravi Dharamshi, who spoke about about CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), an opportunity.

Quick Summary:

A CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables developers to add real-time communications features to their own applications without needing to build back end infrastructure and interfaces.

It is a niche segment within technology, even though we have few companies in this segment which are listed.

Investment Hypothesis in CPaaS companies (growing at 40%)
– Crossed the technology adoption chasm
– Huge addressable opportunity – Industry growth estimates 30-50%
– Profitable Unit Economics
– Cash Generating
– Incremental cost of customer acquisition is very low.