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Riding the Wealth Wave

Deep Dive
28 May 2024

By Sameer Shah & Anirudh Agarwal

We have arrived at an inflection point as far as wealthy Indians are concerned. Despite being the 5th largest global economy, we already have the 3rd highest number of billionaires, leading the way in new billionaires addition over the last few years. Alongside the growth in wealth, a real change has been the increasing financialisation of this wealth, as Indians discover their love for equities and gradually allocate the incremental rupee to equities vs. real estate/gold.

Similar changes in the USA a couple of decades back were accompanied by a period of massive wealth creation by US alternate and wealth managers.

India is poised to chart a similar path and there is a decadal opportunity in the space. To dive deeper into this please click the link ‘Riding the Wealth Wave’