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VQ Platinum (By Invitation Only)

Vision plus Courage

VQ Platinum

Portfolio Strategy and Approach

  • Long Term

    1 - 3 years rolling view

  • Multi-cap

    Market-cap agnostic

  • Customised

    As per client mandate*

  • Focussed approach

    Absolute returns

Key Facts

  • Inception Date:

    July 2014
  • Fund Manager:

    Ravi Dharamshi
  • Subscription (By Invitation)

    ₹2 crore
  • Concentrated Portfolio

    8-12 stocks
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Performance over the Years

Performance related information provided in this document is not verified by SEBI. Returns above 1 year are annualised. Returns are net of fees and expenses. Performance of each investor portfolio may vary from that of other investors and that generated by the Investment Approach across all investors because of 1) the timing of inflows and outflows of funds; and 2) differences in the portfolio composition because of restrictions and other constraints.