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31 January 2022
Indian Economy – Stronger for Longer

India stands at the cusp of a stronger economic growth for longer. Never have the conditions been so favourable for Indian Economy as well as Indian corporates. This presentation tries to substantiate the same claim. Watch the video below – Presentation link – Pratikraman – “Prati” means “back” and “kraman” means “to go”. It means to […]

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19 July 2021
Ravi Dharamshi at PMS AIF World 2021

Our founder & CIO, Mr Ravi Dharamshi, ValueQuest Investment Advisors, participated in the panel discussion titled ‘Art of spotting the right businesses at right times and which are the right ones for current times’ at the recently held event by PMS AIF World where top portfolio managers spoke and presented in it. He highlights the […]

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