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08 June 2022
Specialty Chemicals – Chemistry that is Priced to Perfection

Presentation made by Our CIO, Ravi Dharamshi @ India Investor Conclave (IIC season 8) at Goa in Dec 2021.Summary of Presentation:1. There has been tremendous wealth creation in Specialty Chemicals sector – 60x in 7 years.2. Currently market has priced the sector to perfection and is ignoring all the inherent risks.3. Long-term opportunity might remain […]

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17 September 2021
RERA – Real Estate Revival Ahead

By Sameer Shah and Ritika Agarwal The pandemic has been one of the most scarring periods in living memory. Through this unfortunate devastation, if there is one key takeaway, it is that hope begins at home. More than ever before, a home is not just a physical space, it is a feeling. A home is […]

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27 May 2021

By Pranav Mehta and Neel ShahExecutive Summary:The AMC industry in India has seen exponential growth in the last couple of decades. From less than Rs. 1 lakh cr at the turn of the century, the Indian AMC industry today boasts of an AUM of more than Rs. 30 lakh cr. However, by all accounts, we […]

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04 May 2021

by Chirag Lodaya and Surbhi SoniExecutive SummaryPlastic Pipe is a highly fragmented industry with large number of unorganized players. Due to commoditized nature of the product and low capital requirement, there are optically no barriers to entry. Moreover, there is high dependence on imports as more than half of the raw-material requirement is sourced from outside India. Given this, plastic […]

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16 August 2016
Microfinance in India – Can the dream run continue?

PART I: GLOBAL MICROFINANCE INDUSTRY by Pranav Mehta, Senior Analyst Size of the industry *GLP: Gross Loan Portfolio Source: MIXMarket, Media articles Global microfinance industry growing at ~15% Latin America is the most developed microfinance market in the world, with most organizations having graduated to individual lending too. South Asia accounts for ~56% of active […]

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